Monday, October 24, 2016

Brotherly Love

Steve and I had 5 kids for a reason. Most importantly because we LOVE kids and the joy that they are. And, we wanted them to have each other. What an amazing blessing to see them "love" each other. We had all kinds of "brotherly love" going on in one weekend. ANYONE who knows Evan, KNOWS how much the Dodgers mean to him. Evan's older brother, Taylor, worked his magic and got some tickets to the MLB playoffs in California. His dad and one of his best buddies, Jordan, got to join in on the excitement. The Dodgers playing against the Cubs. Talk about a dream for this boy!

Meanwhile, back at home, Garrett and Madi were busy, busy! I helped where I could but this was all them. They worked night, day, and night trying to surprise Evan before he got back from the Dodger Playoff game in Cali. It was a huge labor of love.

Now, the REAL fun begins... Talk about working together!

And....we have one very happy brother! 
Attention to every detail down to the air purifier and humidifier to help his breathing.

A very VERY special thank you to Garrett and Madi, Mark and Jessamy Bowie (Madi's parents), Madi's grandparents, and aunts and uncles. As well as donations from the great folks at Mark's work at Banyan, in Orem, Utah. Parker and Aspyn Ferris, two other dear friends, also helped in making his room complete.

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