Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chemo...Round 2

Has it been 3 weeks since the 1st round? It sure has. These last 3 weeks have been a "watch and wait" kind of thing. We had to see how Evan's body was going to respond.  This is new to us, but basically, he goes and gets labs drawn to see if his "numbers" are good and they leave the IV cath in. Then he visits with the best doctor ever, and then back to the chemo area and sits and waits as the nurse changes bag after bag administering the different chemo meds. One of the ones he gets is a shot for the cancer in his bones. The nurse made us all laugh when she asked where he wanted it (stomach or arm) and he chose his stomach (the 1st time). Anyways, she said she was supposed to inject it into his fat of which he has zero body fat. The medicine did not want to go in. She kept laughing cause she just couldn't believe how muscly he was and the resistance of it having no where to go. Which made us all laugh. He still had a 6 pack. It's kind of an interesting observation but I don't think there was anyone in there under probably 60 years old. least that day.

We now, we have an "idea" of what to expect and we hope it is doing its job. His bones were achy the first night and the next day he was generally ok. Day 3, he got a fever and was nauseated and just plain didn't feel good. Evan was very fatigued and he needed the rest. He hasn't been able to work and he knew immediately he needed to withdraw from school. There was no way he could keep up. He has spent a good deal of time in bed but he doesn't complain. You have to "drag" it out of him. 

So here he sits...surrounded by love and some of those fantastic friends who keep making him smile that shy little smile of his.

This 2nd go-round has definitely been harder. Evan got sicker and has been down even more. Between beginning treatment and now, he has gone out when he can to try to have as much of a social life as he feels up to. Evan's friends are truly amazing. They have been here watching ball games, playing games on his Play Station 4, and sometimes just being with him keeping him company. They play softball, and while he can't run, he can swing the bat as best as he can. He tries to go the gym and he'll do whatever he can or even just hang with his buddies while they workout. This mom can not say enough good about these young men. They all have jobs and are going to school and they keep Evan engaged. As much as we as a family do everything we can, his friends are his friends and there are things that only THEY can do. And he needs them in a different way. They have been there every step of the way. Our hearts are filled with a profound gratitude for each one of them.We love you guys! #everyone4evan


  1. So amazing!!! Aspen and Parker spoke about Evan and I had to find this blog! I hope everything continues to get better! 💜💜💜