Friday, October 14, 2016

2 of our Kids at 2 Different Hospitals

Hopefully, you've had a chance to read the back story on the gofund me page. If not, I hope you'll take the time to do so. It pretty much sums up the how, what, and where of how our Everyone4Evan story began.  

This boy is a winner! He has really been through the ringer! While it's too extensive to tell you all he's had to go through, I can tell you he's had the fluid drained twice and then again during his surgery and hospital stay. The 1st time, (Sept. 9, 2016)they removed 3.3 liters! Yes, that's right. A whole Mountain Dew 2 liter bottle plus some! Only this one looks more Mountain Dew Code Red. How applicable, huh?  

The 2nd time was 2 liters and we were told that they really don't like to take out more than 2 liters at a time because it's too hard on the lungs to re-expand.  The 3rd time, with the thoracic surgeon doing a procedure, they took out 3.6 liters. No wonder he has trouble breathing! 

October 7, was a pretty intense day on so many levels. It's 5:45am. Evan and  his sister, Hailey, each had to be at their respective hospitals. Evan would be having his surgery to hopefully open up the collapsed lung and getting it to stay open and stick to the chest wall. Hailey, on the other hand, was down the street at the mother/baby hospital, and  was 41 weeks pregnant. They were trying to see if they could get her labor going or if she would need to have a c-section.  Dale and I and Steve and Kim were at the main hospital with Evan. Evan's thoracic surgeon came out after surgery and told us that the lung didn't cooperate as well as they were hoping and that we would know more by the next day. While that was a little disappointing, we were all anxious to get chemo started so we could face this cancer head on and knock it out. So while Evan was recovering from his surgery, sleeping most of the day away, Kim stayed with him while Steve and I ran over to be with Hailey and Marty. Her delivery was quite a challenge, at best. In the end, we have a hearty and healthy 9 lb. 1 oz little boy named Logan and one very tired mom.

By this time, word was getting out about Evan. His friends are what every parent prays for when their son is in need.  One by one, they came and showed how much they care about what he is going through.  It was a somber experience and it was great to have their very presence in his room.  Those friends haven't stopped. They are the very essence of hope and uniting friendship.

Most of these friends have been friends since they were 8 years old playing baseball with the Indians and some have come into his life later. Irregardless, they are strong and they are true examples of what it means to be a friend. There have been so many acts of kindness. So many "meetings" and brainstorming of ideas on how to help Evan. Our hearts have been deeply touched. Some may think they are doing nothing much but it means the world to us. Things like Susan Larsen, setting up the gofundme page. THAT is no small task, I can promise you!

To the boxes of Ensure from Scott and Renee Gibson to help Evan gain his weight  back. To the room makeover of those who so generously donated and the time it took to plan and the hours to do. Garrett (Evan's older brother) and Madi spent hours upon hours giving his room a new look and things that will help him with his breathing. Thanks on that goes to  Mark and Jessamy Bowie, Madi's parents and family. As well as Marks colleagues at work. And the gift cards to Orange Peel from Annette Graf, Dee 
Brklacich's neighbor, so that he can have healthy nutritious drinks while his tastes change thru chemo. And then you have the high schools. At the Desert Hills High School football game, Ashlee File passed around a coffee tin for donations. And when Snow Canyon High School heard about it, they passed it around on their side too! Talk about melt our hearts. In all, they collected $800.00!  Susan then reported that she was able to collect some more money from her bowling league that she's in at Sunset Bowl. Oh my gosh, people are SO good and they have no idea how much greatness they are doing. 

Then there are the visits from all the kids and even some parents. Dee and Mark Brklacich are truly like 2nd parents to Evan. Thru the years they have invited Evan on their family trips. And Brian and Julie Santiago and Scott Gibson. Their love for Evan is tangible. To the Lerman family, Ipson family, Bowie family, to the Reeder family, and Roland Lee for his artwork for one of the fundraisers. The Bott family, The Fee's, The Brown's, Summitt Athletic Club. And  every single donation on gofundme. To the facebook messenger messages.  To those who can't donate but can "share" the gofundme page. That is AWESOME and we thank you! And we ask you to share it again. Someone, somewhere in this world of friends connected thru facebook is someone who is waiting to help. There are SO many good people out there. This cancer isn't going to die out on its own. Everyone4Evan! We feel your love and concern. For this, words are not enough. This is not all, these kids and their parents are still working on all kinds of ideas that are in the works. I just have to name some of these friends who are constantly in our home or taking Evan out. Jordan, Braden, Zac, Dylan, Shyanne,  Austin, Bryce, Ty, Parker, Aspyn, Wyatt, and Carson. As parents, we want to squish you with hugs to thank you but know that Evan would be mortified. So...we won't. ;) But we DO thank you THAT much!


  1. Love you guys! Hang in there. I pray for you daily Evan. You are a GREAT nephew in more ways than one. Keep up the good fight.

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