Monday, January 30, 2017

6 Rounds of Chemo DONE! BAM! So, now what? A WHOLE LOT!

Braden Olsen and Evan

January 25th's chemo treatment went a little different than last time. Ok, a lot different. Last time, (January 4th) Evan had a reaction with the last medication they administered called Carboplatin. But we didn't realize it at the time. He thought that maybe it was just something he ate that went down the wrong way and he started coughing a lot, got red in the face, got kind-of clammy and his stomach felt funky. So we didn't think much of it and the nurses made sure he felt okay before they let him leave.  But this time, just as they started to give it, Evan immediately felt those same symptoms. They had to stop it and give him a good amount of Benadryl by IV and his dad drove him home to sleep. The doctor explained that sometimes your body can only tolerate so much of these chemo meds and Evan's body was saying "I'm done" with that one. 

So, what's next now that he's completed the initial 6 cycles of chemo? Well, he is scheduled for another Pet scan in about 2 weeks and that will determine the number of maintenance chemo meds he will need. He for sure will do the Avastin and the Pet scan will tell the doctor if he needs to keep the Premetrexed and do that combination which will be ongoing every 3 weeks. In addition to Pet scans every 3 months to keep a close eye on it. It's much less intense and he shouldn't get sick from these treatments or have side effects, from what we understand. Evan had his follow up with the Radiation Oncologist and appears to be doing well according to his cognitive and physical responses. The doctor agreed that it would be a good idea to repeat the brain MRI in 2 months. He lost a little round patch of hair from the radiation but you'd never know it cause his long hair covers it up so well. 

Merry New Year! 
Between Christmas and New Years Eve, Garrett and Madi came down from Salt Lake and Taylor and his family came up from California as well as my brother Dan, Jeannie, and Megan. Kenzie had to work, dang it! We missed you, sweetheart! 

Evan, Danny, Jeannie, Hailey, Taylor, Megan, and Will
The brave one's who went side-by-side riding out in Warner Valley. Notice that little Will is in there and he's only 4! Someone had to take care of the other grandbabes ;) 
Dale, Heather, Marty and I took that on.  

Danny and Evan

Garrett and Madi

Do you see that sparkle in his eyes?
We sure do! Ever since the visit from family over the holidays and the encouraging news from his Pet scan just before his 5th round of chemo, there has VISIBLY been a change in Evan's demeanor. There is a light about him that we've missed seeing and it's back! 
And it's simply BEAUTIFUL!

Cherry Creek Radio and the Devin Dixon Show!
Bless Devin Dixon and Cherry Creek Radio.  He had Susan Larson talk about the 9 Pin No Tap bowling tournament at Sunset Bowl that she organized and he had me tell Evan's story. The bowling tournament was a huge success and a great thank you goes to the all the bowlers who came to support the tourney. Special thanks to Sunset Bowl for hosting the tournament as well. To the Gibson Family, the Rutledge Family, Jordan Evans, Dylan File, and Jamie Saunders and many others who contributed in so many ways. It was fun to see the PA, Thomas Bean, who was the clinician who finally took us seriously and PERSONALLY made SURE that Evan got IN to see the Pulmonary doctor who diagnosed the cancer and got the ball rolling immediately. All within a week. When I called, the earliest we could get in to the pulmonary doctor wasn't until November! Imagine that! THANK YOU Thomas Bean, PA! And we are forever indebted to Dr. Mustufa Saifee, Dr. Derrick Haslem, and Dr. Sam Donaldson. They are a few of our hero's!


The 9 Pin No-Tap Bowling Tournament generated close to $1,800.

The Auction and Baked Goods

Evan's younger brother, Jackson, his dad and Ron Floreani, the owner of the Shell Gas Station on the Boulevard, Steve's lifetime mechanic, and trusted friend AND he actually bowled  TWO 300 games!

Jordan, Evan, Bryce, and Brittany

Guess what? 
Evan started school at Dixie State University again January 9th! We are so SO proud of him. He's taking 10 credits and, while he's tired, he's giving it his all. 

Devin Dixon and the Falls Event Center is surprising us again!

So, Devin Dixon is a rock star, I tell ya! He got this brilliant idea of doing a Super Bowl Party and it is this Sunday, February 5th. For details, Call 435-986-7171 for tix!

Come support local 21 year old Evan Moss' fight with cancer at The Falls Event Center and watch SB51! The party will be hosted by local sports personality Devin Dixon! There will be raffles, drawings, games, and all you can eat food! Proceeds go to Evan! Call now to reserve your spot! 

 You can get also get your tickets through Susan Larson 435-817-6884 
Tell your friends!

Wait...there's MORE fun lined up! After you're done with the Football game of the Year...

This is HUGE! Just Youtube "James the Mormon" if you haven't already heard his 
hip-hop rap music that is so fun, clean, and inspiring! We feel so overwhelmed and blessed that Burke Orthodontics, James the Mormon, and Vault Kalamity CHOSE to do a benefit concert on Evan's behalf for his fight against Lung Cancer. 
An American Sign Language Interpreter WILL BE PROVIDED!
(for those who don't know, Evan's grandparents are both Deaf and we are extremely involved in the Deaf world. I owned an interpreting agency for 13 years and have been professionally interpreting for 35 years and am nationally certified. Although I won't be doing the interpreting on this one. I will be enjoying-just like the rest of you! 
For tickets, see the flier above. 

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